Interactive Website for Shakeout / Steakout

We frequently work closely with Croydon based SEO agency Design Brothers, and using design work from another agency we provided the development skills required to build this animated, parallax website for UK Halal dining chain Steakout.

Utilising the lovely photography provided, we produced two sites - one for Steakout and one for Shakeout (the company’s milkshake producing cousin), which provide a rich experience for users to discover about dining with them.

Tags: Website Development, Interactive Website

Giving Depth to the Website Experience

After a short loading screen which allows all the components of the site to get ready in the browser, the curtain is drawn back to reveal the company logo amidst fullscreen imagery of the restaurant. The user can then scroll or click the navigation which scrolls the page to the next section, with parallax images and text animating at the same time, adding real depth to the experience.

The website also has a mobile enhanced version which is optimised to keep the size much smaller and loads quickly whilst on 3G!