Product Photography for Senturion

The Senturion Key is a super-premium wearable tech bracelet that is programmed to allow its owner to open their home, car or… um… helicopter, without being burdened with carrying a set of keys.

Photographing such an item meant trying to capture the essence of wealth, weight, luxury, as well as the detail that is clear from the manufacture of each piece. Our brief was to produce the high quality product photos that could be used for press images, full page advertorials, in literature and online.

As well as this basic requirement, we were to emphasise the ‘out of this world’ element of using meteorite as the base material, and its clear limited edition nature.


Our product photography process

Heading into the studio, we immediately chose to start shooting against a heavy black backdrop. As well as black and white being the Senturion brand colours, we knew that the black would give us an immediate sense of sophistication, mystery and intrigue, whilst representing the depth of outer space.

Once we had chosen this initial setup, we then lit the bracelet to catch the highlights and details that are evident when holding the product - the ’s’ on the pin, the ‘widmanstatten’ etch that is natural only to meteorite, the pristine lines of the rose gold against the blue strap.

In order to catch the light just so on these details, we utilised wire to hang the bracelet in mid air - this allowed us to get the light right underneath the product. As well as this we shot across a reflective glass plate to give us reflective images.

The images here were shot on the Canon 1DX using the 100mm L Series Macro lens, and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

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