Strategic Web Design Company

An integral part of your online marketing strategy is a well considered and expertly built website. Whether it’s a lead collecting landing page, an online store or an engaging web application, a clear strategy to deliver return on investment (ROI) will help justify any investment made.

Where we come in

Whilst there are several entry points for an agency in a web design commission, the best work is produced with early involvement in a project thus enabling input into the research and development of an online strategy. Well considered branding, user experience design and testing lead to a tailored development specification. This is before beginning the ‘traditional’ web design process (design and build) allowing a stronger, more robust plan providing quantifiable results and is less reliant on current technology or design trends.

However, if a project is already further down the line, our team can design and build websites based on a previously developed strategy, or build websites to specification / based on in-house design work (as we did for this campaign website we built for Hope and Homes for Children).

Choosing technologies / channels based on User Experience

Ever-changing technology allows us to reach consumers on the customer journey across constantly expanding channels such as mobile and social. The fact is that only companies on large budgets can place themselves across many channels, and part of the strategy should be to work out which channels will most effectively reach their target audience.

Using technology as the single driving factor in any campaign can be a risky strategy - “Rival company X have a mobile app” - the incentive to beat competitors will always be compelling, but careful consideration of target audience and designing campaigns for ROI might reveal that a mobile app in a certain market would be more smoke and mirrors than effective marketing.

Experts in web development

Following the research phase of a project, we will devise a project development specification based on the previous research and testing, tailored to the campaign - with recommendations for best route forward.

Projects we have completed in the past include Content Management Systems (CMS), E-Commerce websites, bespoke web applications, interactive websites, static websites, native mobile applications, responsive mobile websites and landing pages.

With each of these projects we utilised the technology that best fitted the requirements of the project - for example some CMS websites will be best built in Expression Engine, WordPress, or with a bespoke CMS. Some mobile applications will be native, some responsive, etc. The choice of web technologies should be dependent on the specific requirements, objectives and budget of each campaign.

Client care - growing together

We work hard to stay connected with our clients and offer regular feedback and advice based on our online strategy after a campaign has launched.

We offer hosting, ongoing channel optimisation, Analytics and Pay Per Click advertising (PPC / AdWords) services to help boost your ongoing efforts.